Saturday, November 19, 2011

Callista Gingrich is a winner

We admire the way that she doesn't apologize. She doesn't act sheepish or embarrassed. She took what she wanted, and she stands tall right beside the man she got.

She was so desirable that Newt couldn't resist her. Even when he was married to his second wife and even though he was making speech after speech critical of Bill Clinton, for being a horn dog.
That is feminine power, and she has it.

Callista was young, toned, and available. Warning to wives: don't get FAT!

Americans like a Virile Leader.

Newt Gingrich proves that he is a MAN's man, not a girly man. Americans want a leader with energy and power, one who takes what he desires, for himself and for his country. We admire a man with ambition. And nothing shows power and ambition better than sexual conquest.

Barrack Obama is a wimp. He stays married to Michelle, when he could easily find joy and thrill in the body of a much younger woman. Newt Gingrich understands ambition and he has ambition.

And so does Callista. She moved up to Newt. Newt moved up to Callista.

America doesn't need permission from Mexico or Canada or Nigeria to get the oil we need for American energy security. If we had a real leader, we would use our military and TAKE it. The strong take; the weak submit. Newt Gingrich demonstrates in his personal life exactly what America needs. A fierce competitor. Someone who is ambitious. Someone who moves UP.

Callista is young and beautiful. Newt Gingrich didn't let tired, old marriage restrictions stand in his way. He traded up.

America likes a winner.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Callista Besek won Newt Fair and Square

The fat-wives clubs of America, and the self-satisfied intact-family crowd, are going around saying Newt should have kept his pants zipped. Newt did exactly what he had every right to do. He shopped the market for the best. And he kept shopping.

Newt was married to Mariane Ginther (who was a big improvement over Newt's first wife, Jackie Battlie, who was a big loser and got cancer). It was no trick at all for Mariane to out-compete Jackie. But then Mariane got sloppy. By the time she was in her 50s she started to look decidedly middle age.

Mariane knew full well that Newt was a wanderer. After all, that's how she became Number Two. But did she take action? Did she get herself into Trophy Wife shape? Surgery? No. She left the door wide open. Newt moved up.

Liberals like to think of marriage as something special. Conservatives understand that marriage is just like the free market for clothes or cars or anything else. Markets are good. Competition keeps everyone on his toes. Yes, men, too.

For Newt to connect with a woman in her 30s like Callista in 1993, Newt needed to be at the top of HIS game. Newt was soon to be Speaker of the House, and Newt later roiling the nation by leading the charge against Bill Clinton for sexual contact with Monica Lewinski. Newt was on the news nightly decrying bad sexual morals on Clinton's behalf. What a turn-on that must have been for Callista. And Callista was young, toned, blonde.

What sexual tricks did she employ? We don't know. All we know is what she testified to: that the affair began back in 1993. But whatever it was, it worked. Or something did.

Newt was a trophy for her; Callista was a trophy for Newt. Winners, both of them. And winners choose winners.

If you don't like real competition, move to Cuba. Newt deserved the best Third Wife he could get. Callista won. Fair and Square.